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Conference Line

Here are the dial-in instructions to join our conference call services and scheduled church meetings from your phone line:

  1. At the time of the service or meeting, dial 609-663-4431.
    • Do note that this is not a free long distance number. However, if you have a smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection you can join using our free conference app.
  2. That's it! There are no access codes to join. After connecting, you will hear an automated greeting ("Welcome to My One Number") and then be placed into the conference.

Special Keys

Can't Connect? Try These Steps!

If you receive a busy signal or have difficulty connecting to the call, there are two alternative methods we suggest:

  1. Text CALL ME to 609-663-4431 to receive a call from the conference line. You will be placed into the conference automatically.
  2. Text BACKUP to 609-663-4431 to receive a text message with an alternate number to call.

Message and data rates may apply.

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